How Micro-Current Therapy Works

Electricity flows through every cell in your body. As the electrical current flows through a cell, the cell stores some of the charge. Trauma from injury or aging hinders the cell in its ability to store electricity. Since electricity takes the path of least resistance, damaged cells which cannot hold an electric charge are bypassed, and do not receive this necessary energy. Each damaged cell is like a depleted battery, and Micro-Current Therapy recharges these cells, improving their own function as well as function of the surrounding cells, ultimately restoring the natural flow of energy. There are many repair mechanisms in your body that rely upon this normal flow of energy to operate. In other words, Micro-Current Therapy actually impulses your body, much like acupuncture, to heal itself, but Micro-Current Therapy can activate the healing process in a much larger area, in a shorter amount of time. Microcurrents increase the cells energy and rebalance the sodium / potassium ratios of the cells, thus restoring the cells to their normal electrical function. And when a cell is functioning normally, it has the ability to heal itself.

Little pumps move sodium out of the cell and potassium into the cell, and through a natural circulation, sodium travels back into the cell and potassium travels back out of the cell. When sodium moves back into the cell it brings food (glucose) with it. The little pumps that drive this circulation are powered by the chemical ATP. If the cell's ATP is low, this circulation slows, and the cell is starved of food. This decrease in circulation is what hinders the cell's ability to store electricity, and if the cell is not storing electricity it is not transferring electricity. Microcurrents recharge the cell, and increase ATP production by as much as 500%. Once the cell is recharged, and ATP is increased, the cell is able to absorb nutrients, thus speeding the natural healing process. So where does ATP come from? ATP is produced inside the cells and requires one key ingredient: glucose, but as mentioned above, the natural circulation of sodium and potassium is needed to bring glucose into the cell, but that circulation is hindered - keeping the cell from developing ATP which is needed to keep the circulation going. Basically it is like one big cycle, the cell does not get glucose to make ATP, and ATP is needed to bring glucose into the cell. In addition, ATP is the major energy source of many cell functions; it is not just fuel for the pumps. In fact, without ATP the cell cannot utilize amino acids, synthesize small molecules or even move, among other things.

Many people know that collagen and elastin are very necessary in maintaining youthful looking skin, and one could see how collagen and elastin production would be diminished if the cells responsible for making these chemicals were not getting food. It has been shown in studies that collagen production rate is indeed increased when Micro-Current Therapy is used. This means tighter more youthful skin with the use .

Nerves are like wires that travel throughout your entire body. These wires conduct electrical signals. The central axis of the body, our spine, holds a positive charge, while the outside, our skin and muscle, holds a negative charge. It has been demonstrated that this polarity is reversed in hypnosis, during anesthesia and following an injury, a positive charge develops at the site trauma. Do not think of these charges as stagnant, but as electricity continuously circulating throughout the body. Nerve endings throughout your body report back to your brain, through the nerves, about the function of your body. When your nerve endings tell your brain that something is not working properly, pain is experienced. Sometimes these nerve endings are reporting false information because of an electrical problem. If this is not addressed, one may experience chronic pain. Many people take medication for pain, but this only blocks the brain's realization of pain. In fact, the medication usually does nothing to alleviate the source of pain, but only blocks the signal of pain going to the brain. Micro-Current Technology alters the electrical activity in and around the damaged area, thus restoring the nerve's normal communication.

Here at Inner-getics, we use a state-of-art machine to deliver a perfect cell regenerative electrical current. Our machine not only delivers the beneficial microamp current, but also measures the tissue's ability to conduct electricity 400 times every second, and responds with the precise electrical signal that is best for energizing that specific area on your body. When someone is having a heart attack, a heart defibrillator is used to restore the natural electrical cycles of the heart, and you can think of Micro-Current Therapy as a tiny heart defibrillator that restores your cells to their natural electrical cycle. When we use this machine's ability, in conjunction with Binaural Beat Technology, we are able to further amplify the healing experience.